Habitat Loss

Today, habitat loss is the commonly thought of danger to wildlife. So too in the last century, the destruction of natural areas led to problems. The vast contiguous forests of the Eastern United States were logged. This process continued across the United States and Canada. The last 6% of old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest are in contention now. Of this land use debate, its been said that the logging companies didn't run up against the Northern spotted owl, but against the Pacific ocean.

Forest land is also converted to agricultural use and farmlands to urban sprawl. Traditionally the end result of this 'economic succession' was de-valued industrial and inner city urban lands. Efforts are under way to restore the 'worth' of these properties to reduce more economic succession land conversion and provide greater social justice.

Loss of habitat was a severe blow to the ivory-billed woodpecker. The loss of natural forage impacted the Carolina parakeet who adapted by attending to the fruits of agriculture.