How to use the Biology Text

Reading science books and scientific articles requires special attention. Science uses precise and compact language. There are words and phrases that have specific meaning. Slow careful reading is required. The reader should look for key words and watch for references to other science terms.

Be sure to read everything on the page. Drawings and photographs often are used to help explain the text. You may have to read a paragraph two or three times. Some people find reading the text quickly looking for key points, followed by a more thorough reading for details a good way to learn.

  1. What is the title of Chapter 5?
  2. How many sections are in Chapter 16?
  3. On what page is activity 6?
  4. How many chapters are in Unit 3 ?
  5. What is the objective for section 12.2 ?
  6. What career do they have an essay about in Chapter 1?
  7. How many Critical Thinking questions are on page 621?
  8. Where are the BioProbe questions located ?
  9. What is the topic of Figure 38.2?
  10. What is the title of table 42.1?
  11. In Reference bank A, how many skills do the explain?
  12. Using the Metric Conversion Chart in Reference Bank B, how many meters are in a mile?
  13. Using Reference Bank C, how many safety symbols do they show?
  14. What is the topic of Reference Bank D?
  15. How many kingdoms do we study using the book?
  16. What is the first word on the third page of the Glossary?
  17. Using the index, list the pages that might have information on germination.
  18. How many sections are found in the chapter review?
  19. On page 385 there is a Word Power. From what language does the word come?
  20. Using your student Handbook, write a bibliography for your text book.