Biology Timeline Project


  1. Prepare a proportional timeline showing the significant discoveries, discoverers and events covered in this class.
  2. This will be some physical media of your choosing capable of being easily viewed from 1.5 meters. Drawings, photographs, collage, calligraphy may be used. Please check your ideas with the instructor.
  3. Consider ways to organize the information into themes or threads. For example, the class is organized into units (biochemistry, cells, genetics, etc). A theme based upon technology (microscope, experimentation, molecular techniques, etc) could be used. Organization by country is conceivable. Your theme should provide the viewer some insight or added value to the information presented.
  4. Affix this sheet to the back of your timeline. This assignment is due June 6th.

Timeline Scoring

Content accuracy Completeness Graphics Readability/text/color Theme Total
(5 pts each= 25)