Cellular Respiration Questions

On a separate sheet of paper answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. Define metabolism.
  2. Define cellular respiration.
  3. What is the balanced equation for aerobic respiration?
  4. What types of organisms undergo aerobic respiration?
  5. What are the chemical inputs to the respiration cycle?
  6. Where does glycolysis occur?
  7. What are the chemical waste products of the respiration cycle?
  8. Why are only 2 ATP available to bacteria for each glucose molecule they metabolize?
  9. Why did Krebs describe the process that bears his name as a cycle?
  10. At what stage of the respiration cycle do the carbon atoms from the glucose exit the process? What form does the carbon take?
  11. At what stage of the respiration cycle do the oxygen atoms enter the process? What form does the oxygen take?
  12. In the early history of the planet, there was no free oxygen in the atmosphere. What does that imply about the processes of cell respiration?
  13. Compare and contrast the two types of fermentation.
  14. In an anaerobic environment why is fermentation REQUIRED? Think about the glycolysis process.
  15. How many ATP molecules does aerobic respiration produce?
  16. If a human muscle uses 1 x 107 ATP molecules per minute, how many glucose molecules must that cell be processing per minute?