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Prion Questions

After reading "Prion." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 11 Oct 2008, 16:26 UTC. 12 Oct 2008 <> answer these questions.

  1. What is a prion?
  2. What body organs are affected by prion diseases?
  3. Describe the treatment and prognosis for a prion sufferer.
  4. How does a PrPc protein differ from a PrPSC.
  5. Describe the stability and durability of the PrPSC.
  6. Define protease.
  7. How does the term "denaturation" apply to treating the PrPSC?
  8. How old were you when Prusiner purified a prion agent?
  9. Do you have PrPC? Explain.
  10. Describe the structure of PrPC.
  11. Contrast the PrPC and PrPSC amino acid sequence.
  12. Contrast the PrPC and PrPSC structure.
  13. What function does the PrPC perform in you?
  14. What does a prion affected brain look like?
  15. What is your favorite animal that gets prion diseases?
  16. How do animals get infected with a prion disease?
  17. Outside of a body, where can prions "hide"?
  18. "Prion diseases are the only known diseases that can be sporadic, genetic, or infectious." Explain this sentence.
  19. What role does genetics play in prion infections?