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"Stone" Washing Jeans: Cellulases Questions

After reading the article "Stone" Washing Jeans: Cellulases, answer these questions in your journal with complete sentences.

  1. Have you ever bought a pair of jeans with "sand" in the pockets?
  2. When were stone washed jeans introduced?
  3. Why are they called "stone washed"?
  4. List four problems of stone washing jeans.
  5. When was biostoning adopted in the U.S. ?
  6. What is an enzyme?
  7. Describe the molecule that cellulase acts upon.
  8. What two other uses do enzymes have in the textiles industry?
  9. The genetic code (gene) that tells an organism to make cellulase was first found in a _________.
  10. For mass production of cellulase, humans moved that genetic code (gene) into ____________.
  11. What is the author's name?
  12. What does the author of this article think about changes that biology is bringing to industry?
  13. How much pumice can a small amount of enzymes replace?
  14. What sentence in the article makes you think that pumice dust is not safe for humans?