Enzyme Questions

On a separate sheet of paper answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. In the catalase lab, what was the substrate?
  2. In the catalase lab, what method do we use to give us an indication of how rapidly the enzyme/substrate reaction was proceeding?
  3. In the catalase lab, what were the two factors we looked at that affect enzyme-mediated reaction rates?
  4. In the catalase lab, if the reaction rate had increased what would happen to the time it took for the filter paper disc to rise? Hint - miles per hour is a rate.
  5. Most enzymes are proteins and their efficacy as enzymes depend on their shape. Changes in pH and temperature can cause proteins to change their shapes. Predict what pH and temperature changes would do to the reaction rates of the catalase lab?
  6. In the catalase lab, if we had changed pH or temperature, how would we tell the changes had affected the reaction rate?
  7. Compare and contrast competitive and noncompetitive inhibitors.
  8. Make a diagram of energy versus time illustrating how enzymes lower the activation energy of a chemical reaction.