DNA and RNA quiz

  1. What are Watson and Crick famous for?
  2. What is a phage?
  3. How did x-ray crystallography assist in determining the structure of DNA?
  4. Describe the function of the three DNA replication enzymes we have discussed.
  5. What does 3' and 5' refer to?
  6. What is the relationship between DNA polymerase and Okazaki fragments?
  7. How does RNA polymerase know where to start transcription?
  8. List three things that occur in the processing of eukaryotic pre-MRNA.
  9. Where do you find rRNA?
  10. Translate this mRNA sequence: AUG CUG AAA CUA ACC CAU
  11. Translate this mRNA sequence: AUG CUG AAA UAA CCC AUG
  12. Describe the mutation that occurred in the last problem (compared to the previous sequence).
  13. Why is elevating the temperature an important step in PCR?
  14. Describe what restriction enzymes do.
  15. The band of DNA fragments that move the farthest in gel electrophoresis are the     smallest    /     largest.