My Secret DNA Message

  1. On the DNA Message template, create a message using the amino acid single letter abbreviations from your mRNA Codons Decoder Table.
  2. The message will encode at least two peptide strings (words) and at least eight letters all together.
  3. The message should be appropriate for school!!
  4. Record the mRNA codon, the tRNA codon and the DNA code for each letter
  5. Remember that mRNA codon (MET) is the code for starting the peptide (protein) and the mRNA codon (UGA) is stop. Typically we'll represent those as a space in the decoded peptide.
  6. Exchange your message with someone in the room. They will have to decode your message!
  7. An example of a message is on the DNA Message template.
  8. You will turn in your message and the message you decoded from your neighbor.