Most Wanted Poster - Human Disease Organism

Make a wanted poster for a human disease organism. Poster is to be on 8.5" x 11" paper. The Visual Presentations Rubric will be used for grading with additional points added to the information category reflecting the needed poster information:

  1. Picture (SEM, micrograph, etc).
  2. Classification of organism (virus, bacteria, protist, roundworm, etc).
  3. Description of organism.
  4. Symptoms of disease.
  5. How does the organism attacks and spreads.
  6. Number of victims and most common victims to prey upon.
  7. Hide out of the culprit (where it is most likely to be found).
  8. How dangerous is this organism?
  9. Most effective weapons against the organism.

Modeled after Bacteria Wanted Poster Research Project.