Germs That Do a Body Good Questions

Reference: "Germs That Do a Body Good - Bacteria might someday keep the doctor away". Ben Harder. Science News, Vol. 161, No. 5, Feb. 2, 2002, p. 72..

Answer these questions in complete sentences on another sheet of paper.

  1. What is the name of the bacteria that was causing Dorothy Ogden's diarrhea?
  2. Compare and contrast antibiotics and probiotics.
  3. What finally provided relief for Mrs Ogden's diarrhea?
  4. In inches, how far into the intestinal tract can a colonoscope reach?
  5. Why are dairy products effective against diarrhea?
  6. Where in the human body do lactobacillus live?
  7. Why do some dairy product manufacturers fortify their products with lactobacilli?
  8. What are the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?
  9. Why is bacterial vaginosis a health concern?
  10. Describe the method used to restoring depleted vaginal lactobacilli.
  11. Describe the last chronic infection the article mentions and the method of probiotics used to combat it.