Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes? Questions

After reading the article "Rust-Breathing Bacteria: Miracle Microbes?" by John Roach. April 12, 2004. © 1996-2008 National Geographic Society, answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. Why is calling these bacteria "bugs" not scientifically accurate?
  2. What would be a quick way to poison the geobacter?
  3. What is geobacter's favorite food?
  4. What did the geobacter's do with rust and electrons?
  5. What color is magnetite?
  6. Two billion years ago what were bacteria busily doing? Did you know that every ear bud (speaker) has little magnets in them!
  7. What does geobacteraceae mean?
  8. List four non-gaseous materials that bacteria can breath.
  9. Think about why we breath oxygen. Think about the role of oxygen in cellular respiration. Now speculate about the role of iron in the bacteria's respiration. Hint: also look at the seventh paragraph.
  10. Aside from cleaning up around leaky gas tanks, what are the two practical uses Dr. Lovley has found for geobacter?
  11. What amazing statement does Dr. Lovley make about the biomasses of Earth's organism?
  12. Explain how the geobacter's heat tolerance impacts how humans will look for life on other planets.