Ozone Layer Questions

Using your notes, answer these questions in complete sentences in your journal. You may also find helpful Environmental Science by Person sections 2.1 "The Thin Blue Blanket", section 2.5 "Chemicals that Pollute the Air", and 2.6 "The Effects of Air Pollution".

  1. List the names and percentage composition of the atmosphere's two most common gasses (2.1).
  2. What is ozone? (2.1)
  3. What is a source of upper atmosphere ozone? (2.1)
  4. What is an effect of upper atmosphere ozone? (2.1)
  5. What altitude is most of the upper atmosphere ozone found? (2.1)
  6. What is a source of lower atmosphere ozone? (2.5)
  7. What is an effect of lower atmosphere ozone? (2.6)
  8. Why were CFCs considered an ideal industrial gas? (2.1)
  9. What effect did CFCs exhibit upon reaching the stratosphere? (2.1)
  10. What effect does UV-B radiation have on: (2.6)
    1. humans
    2. plants (for example algae)
    3. frogs
  11. When was concern about the ozone shield first raised? (2.1)
  12. What did the Montreal Protocol do? (2.1)
  13. What will hopefully occur in the ozone layer between now and when you are 65 years old? (2.1)
  14. List six other chemicals that pollute the air. (2.6)